Settlement of Disputes / Debt Collection

Settlement of Disputes / Debt Collection

Our lawyers are very aware of the fact that, even in Serbia, modern advocacy is increasingly more focused on settlement of disputes out of court premises. However, even with the above said, we all understand that individual situations, i.e. misunderstandings in the exercise of rights and obligations, must be resolved by bringing in a third, neutral and impartial judge, arbitrator or mediator.

In these situations, our legal team is prepared to give the best possible advice to their clients in any instance of the ongoing procedure and to take any necessary action that would be an advantage against the other party, taking into account the overall image of all the side effects of the current procedure that may affect our client (duration of the procedure, the signal that the participation in the procedure itself emits to the business environment, the costs tied to the procedure).

Starting from the well-founded positions and experience gained in the representation of both legal and natural persons in court (litigation, non-contentious and misdemeanour), arbitration and administrative disputes and proceedings, our lawyers provide clients with the following legal services:

  • advising on the pros and cons of initiating the procedure, taking into account the complete business of the client and the potential outcome of the procedure;
  • representation of clients before the competent court and other bodies, and taking all procedural actions in accordance with provisions of the specific procedure;
  • drafting of lawsuits, complaints, audits (all regular and extraordinary remedies), motions and responses to all these acts;
  • drafting of written defence on behalf and for the account of the accused legal entity and the responsible person in the legal entity;
  • preparation of all other submissions (requests, letters, settlements, defense, objections) to achieve the rights of our clients in the mentioned proceedings.

We would also like to point out here that our office considers the case closed only when the client exercises all his rights that were previously awarded to him with our help. In this sense, we represent clients in all the debt collection proceedings before the competent public executors and courts (the procedure of recognition and enforcement of foreign court and arbitration decisions, enforcement, as well as other proceedings), and give advice on other ways of exercising their rights against the other party (by redefining their mutual relations, requesting additional security, performing compensation, concluding settlements, transferring claims or contracts, etc.). Our extensive experience has been enriched the most through our work with banks and public enterprises.