Regulation & Compliance / Protection of Personal Data

Regulation & Compliance / Protection of Personal Data

The old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ has undoubtedly become the motto of modern advocacy. In an environment of constantly growing regulations (which is especially characteristic of developing countries, and thus Serbia), today, perhaps more than ever before, it has become important to keep up with all the changes in regulations, new requirements and conditions set before business entities by the executive bodies. In that sense, our lawyers have acquired one (but certainly not the only) leading habit of regularly informing and updating their clients about all changes in regulations that may affect their business. As we expected, this proved to be the best approach in eliminating all risks of violating any regulation or good practice.

Therefore, we know from our experience that (before the client makes any important decision) the most important thing is to familiarize the top management with the complete legal situation of the case so that their subsequent decision and operations are in line with the existing regulations.

To that end, our layers provide the following services to our clients:

  • drafting of legal opinion regarding the latest regulatory changes;
  • providing guidelines for making business decisions;
  • providing advice for conducting harmonized business;
  • – preparation of compliance programs tailored to the client;
  • preparation of behavioral policies within the company;
  • providing risk and consequence analyzes in case of non-compliance with regulations;
  • minimizing the negative consequences for the reputation and position of the client in the event of offense or misdemeanor;
  • providing assistance in detection of behaviors contrary to the set standards and requirements within the company (prior and after the initial communication with competent bodies).

Also, completely aware of the new European regulation on the protection of personal data (GDPR primarily) and the novel Serbian Law on Personal Data Protection, our lawyers are also involved in resolving all issues referring to personal data protection, by providing the best possible solutions to clients, tailored to the specific traffic of this sensitive data.

Among other, we provide the following services in the field of personal data protection:

  • drafting of contracts on the transfer of personal data and appropriate contractual clauses;
  • drafting of contracts between the controller and the processor;
  • drafting of rulebook on personal data protection and other general acts;
  • drafting of notices to employees/job applicants, precise records on the handling or processing of personal data;
  • drafting of all types of consents and statements of persons whose data are collected;
  • procedure for obtaining an approval for export of personal data from the Republic of Serbia;
  • representing client’s interests in proceedings before the Commissioner for Information of Public Impotence and Personal Data Protection;
  • drafting of legal opinions and advice on the risks to which clients are potentially exposed, taking into account the legal framework governing the area of personal data protection.