Intellectual property

Intellectual property

Intellectual property is one of the broadest areas of law, which gained momentum through the indomitable evolution of human civilization, the application of new business standards or the development of interpersonal relationships in general, methods of communication and creativity. The importance of this branch of law is often misunderstood, both in terms of application and in terms of the benefits it can have for the client – the holder of this right. Only in the last decade, or maybe even in the last couple of years, the value of protection of intellectual rights has been recognized in Serbia.

Since it protects the intangible type of goods, which at first glance makes it less attractive for protection and investment of funds for this purpose, in the long run it brings many benefits and above all preserves the recognition of brands – market participants.

The field of intellectual property is essentially divided into two areas, copyright and related rights, and the right of intellectual property, where each one of them implies narrower fields, from which patents and trademarks have stood out in our practice.

Aside from this, modern business requires employers to conclude a number of agreements that primarily aim to protect the works of their authors (agreements on confidentiality and keeping trade secrets, agreements on protection of competition, and others)

Areas of work:

  • submission of local and international applications for patent protection (small patent) and certificates for additional protection, including legal support throughout the procedure until the issuance of a document on patent grant (protection of medicines);
  • submission of local and international applications for trademark protection (individual, collective or warranty trademark), filing requests for trademark search (recherché) and representation throughout the entire trademark registration procedure;
  • submission of application for protection of industrial design and representation throughout the entire procedure for the protection of industrial property;
  • Drafting of contracts on transfer of intellectual property rights and other safeguard clauses;
  • legal counseling on copyright protection in the IT sector and submission of requests for the deposit of copyrighted works with the Intellectual Property Office;
  • legal support in complete brand protection for Start-up companies;
  • advising on the protection of intellectual property created during the course of employment;
  • representation of clients in all types of proceedings before the Intellectual Property Office;
  • conducting all types of disputes related to the protection of intellectual property.