Corporate Law / M & A

Corporate Law / M & A

The establishment, management and operations of business entities are governed by the norms of corporate law which is the basis and core of our practice. Our partners led some of the largest mergers and acquisitions in the region and were part of the team that carried out the most significant privatization procedures of companies that operated with the state capital, and participated in other projects of public interest. Our clients to whom we provide continuous legal support, come from a variety of industries, both from the public and private sector.

Our team consists of specialized and qualified corporate lawyers who are ready to fully respond to all requirements and challenges that companies operating in the territory of the Republic of Serbia may face in their business operations. In each individual case, we try not to limit our legal advice to legal issues, so in cooperation with the client, we always take into account the industry, market conditions, economic interests and business model of the client, related regulatory requirements of competent authorities, as well as the type and the durability of the client’s business in the Republic of Serbia.

In addition to corporate law services, our lawyers are ready to provide a complete service from the role of an experienced business advisor in issues ranging from establishing the appropriate form of legal entity, business organization and founding acts, to negotiating important business ventures, transactions, takeovers of new businesses and restructuring of existing ones. In addition, our team is ready to offer its clients the support in performing various corporate formalities and support in matters related to corporate governance, such as advice to owners (members and shareholders), management and supervisory boards, senior management and representation bodies.

Areas of work:

  • legal analysis of the company – due diligence – from the aspect of complete business operations for the purposes of the transaction and transfer of shares, capital and property rights;
  • participation and negotiations on significant transactions (transfer of complete business to the new owner/partner) between public and private (domestic and foreign) companies including legal support during and after the transaction;
  • preparation of SPAs (Framework agreements for purchase and sale of business), Agreement on the transfer of shares, Pledge agreement on shares, Shareholders agreement, Memorandum of association and other types of transaction documents;
  • preparation of all decisions, acts, contracts, minutes from the sessions of the company’s assembly within the regular operations of the business entity;
  • advising on company financing (loans, additional payments, debt-to-equity conversion, capital increase and decrease), loan and leasing agreements;
  • establishment of companies, representative offices and branches in Serbia and the region;
  • complete legal counselling in the M&A procedures and procedures of legal form changes, including drafting of all necessary acts (contracts, distribution plan, assembly decisions, director’s statements, transfer of property and employees, etc.);
  • representation of clients in all proceedings before the Business Registers Agency of the Republic of Serbia and other competent bodies and organizations;
  • advising on joint ventures and public-private partnership procedures.