Construction / Real Estate

Construction / Real Estate

In extremely dynamic conditions of the real estate market in Serbia, especially in the City of Belgrade, which has been going through a big expansion over the past years (unfortunately not followed by the harmonization of positive legislation), it is essential to have a team that will possess the expertise necessary for managing the projects and transactions, as well as for resolving all types of real estate disputes.

Due to frequent changes in positive legislation, which results in numerous legal loopholes, it is extremely important in this area of law to know how to liaise with authorities and standard practice which is one of the strongest assets of our legal team.

Our layers offer the highest level of service, starting from location analysis and conclusion of all types of transactions, drafting of contracts, through participation in obtaining permits to monitoring of the construction process through all its phases.

Our team also includes consultants in the field of construction, who can provide professional recommendations and solutions to achieve the most optimal and efficient implementation of projects.

Areas of work:

  • advising and legal support in the process of obtaining construction licenses, occupancy permits, control of technical documentation from a legal aspect, and execution of all obligations in accordance with the relevant regulations governing the construction of facilities;
  •  drafting of Particular Conditions of FIDIC contracts; requests for issuance of variations and other requests (claims) in accordance with clauses of the FIDIC contract; administration and management of back-to-backcontracts;
  • resolving property issues on the site and preparing the site for construction (conditions);
  • litigation and all types of administrative proceedings and administrative disputes related to real estate;
  • purchase and sale of real estate, including purchase and sale through bankruptcy and execution proceedings and purchase and sale of buildings under construction (advising on payment by own or credit funds, concluding loan agreements and preliminary contracts);
  • Gift agreements and Agreements on property exchange;
  • Tax aspect of real estate purchase and sale;
  • Legalization of illegally constructed buildings;
  • Lease agreements (agreements with shopping centres);
  • assistance in conversion of the right of use into the right of ownership and advice on the obligation to pay compensation in accordance with a special law;
  • representation in procedures for registration of property rights, establishment, registration, realization and deletion of mortgage and drawing up of pledge statements and Mortgage Agreements;
  • restitution of real estate;
  • drafting of legal due diligencereports in relation to the targeted real estate/ project.